Cedaria: Blackout is a Middle Eastern Steampunk RPG

Cedaria: Blackout is an adventure RPG with emphasis on cooperative gameplay and conflict resolution achieved through a comprehensive dialogue tree. The game features an interesting mix of Middle East and Steampunk style reflected in the games character design and architectural style. The player can select from several character professions such as alchemist, engineer or inventor. Each profession comes with unique tools and new options for dialogue.
The island of Cedaria varies in landscape from industrialized cities to mountain paths, all of which can be thoroughly explored. Cedaria: Blackout can be either single-player or played with friends in co-op mode and will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The Story

The distant island of Cedaria enjoyed a major industrial boom due to a mysterious machine called the Phoenix that was capable of supplying power to the islands many industries. Cedarias economic success led to tensions between the many clans of the island. When the Phoenix breaks down, it causes darkness and decay with power limited to a few natural power sources and generators. Gamers must reassemble the Phoenix to prevent all-out waror take advantage of the chaos for personal gain.
Cedaria Blackout was launched on KickStarter by Search for Common Ground (SFCG) who promote conflict resolution through peaceful methods. They’ve turned to the video game industry as the most effective way to get their message across in an interesting and stimulating way. The developer is based in Lebanon, an unstable country due so many different religions unable to co-exist together peacefully in such a small area. This provided inspiration for the island Cedaria and the story of the game.

Quick Take

If this sounds too much like an educational message in the badly donned disguise of a game, don’t worry. SFCG have teamed up with some top game developers who have AAA games like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry 2 under their collective belts. The concept art looks amazing, the characters appear well crafted and the story leans toward the traditional RPG “unite the land” gameplay structure that works so well for these types of games. Decisions made by the player effect the both the world and NPC interactions. The trailer for the game can be viewed below:


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